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Pediatric Intensive Care Coverage

Our team of pediatric intensivists are highly skilled in the management of critically ill patients after fellowship training in the top 10 children's hospitals in the United States.  

Moderate Sedation

In areas where anesthesiologists are not available, we offer moderate to deep sedation for invasive and painful procedures.

Acute Care Courses


Pediatric Simulation

our pediatric intensivists have developed the expertise in high fidelity simulation, mock codes, just-in time simulations for the training of nursing staff, residents, hospitalists, non-pediatric emergency room physicians and emergency responders.

Special Health Care Needs

Children with special health care needs often require the intervention of intensivists particularly in areas where the access to specialists is not readily available: patients with ventilator dependency, cerebral palsy and developmental disabilities, end of life care etc.  

Global Health Program

We welcome volunteers to participate in the development of pediatric intensive care services in resource limited environments.  We offer opportunities to collaborate in Nepal, Haiti, Kenya and Nigeria including the development of a pediatric critical care training program in Kano.